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Veterinary Receptionist ChastityChastity is a receptionist at the Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. She has two cats that she loves so much named Casper and Zoe. Chastity has loved animals all her life and when she was younger she wanted to be a vet. Whenever any of her pets got sick, she would always try to help make them better and play doctor.

During her previous job as a waitress, a very nice couple complimented her on her phenomenal service and by the end of their date offered her a position at their veterinarian hospital. Chastity was really excited and nervous, but she was eager to start this new chapter in her life. Chastity loves animals and learning new things all the time. Every day comes with new challenges, but with every challenge is a lesson learned.

Chastity is grateful for this experience and wants to continue to learn and grow. She hopes to someday further her career as a veterinary technician.